Furniture manufacturer Šimšić

Address: Višnjička 93, Belgrade
Tel: 011/41-42-600

In our production we use panels E1 class, which have so far proved the most secure because it satisfies the European standards in terms of content and release of formaldehyde. Furniture for residential and office spaces are made of massive, veneered MDF and particleboard. For the surface treatment of timber using polyurethane, water and acrylic paints and varnishes. All our products have certificates of quality from the Faculty of Forestry in Belgrade.

Large selection of materials and installation of high quality bonds, with the advice of the expert team, enabling production of furniture to their design and quality craftsmanship enrich any room and really make it special.

The long tradition obliges us to strive to achieve superior product quality in terms of their design and craftsmanship.