Furniture Salon Alto showroom

Address: Gavrila Principa 63, Belgrade
Tel: 011/6646-831
Mob:  063/83-128-32
Fax: 011/6649-050

The company "Šimšić" d.o.o. was established in 1984. We are engaged in designing and producing modern furniture and contemporary design that is tailored to the needs of the customers. Any furniture that is manufactured in the company "Šimšić" is according to customer choice in terms of its design, size and color.

Our product range includes all products necessary for the furnishing of residential and commercial interiors. In designing the furniture we strive to create an environment in line with our modern, business man for whom the aesthetics and functionality are inseparable.

Central place in our product line the beds. Our goal was to create products that meet different tastes, and so we offer several models of beds that are working in a variety of sizes and colors. During their design, we have tried to simultaneously respect the ergonomics and comfort. The materials of which operate beds, depending on the model, the range (beech, oak) and MDF veneered beech or oak veneer. A detailed technical description can be found with pictures of each model beds.