The Mimoza bed

Material: The bed is made ​​of massive steamed beech and MDF-class quality and d = 19 mm veneered beech veneer. The backrest of the beech frame with MDF infill d = 8 mm veneered beech veneer.

80,90,100,120 X 190,200,210,220
140,160,180,200 X 190,200,210,220

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Box to place the mattress is made ​​of massive fir and bars that are placed on the frame are made ​​of beech plywood, d = 12 mm. Hinges to connect the pages are "Häfele".
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The bed is painted with a paints that are water-based polyurethane varnish or a water-based varnish of your choice.

Overall dimensions for the Mimoza bed for mattress 160x200cm

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